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A Place in My Life - Rosa Guzman

"From Back to Front" by Chauncey

Happy 1st Digital Story Day everyone! Looking forward to seeing everyone's hard work.

Link to mine below:
"From Back to Front" by Chauncey

Have a good week!

Sarah Bizri_In Memory of my Grandfather

Sarah Bizri 
1'st Digital Story: In Memory of my Grandfather

Jaide Parson - Nomad Just Happy

Nomad Just Happy Digital Story link:

Dustin Chunn - Overcoming Fear

Precious Life by Patrick Sidlovsky

Gabrielle Maynard: Who am I?

Julia Signorelli—"(Almost) My Mother Tongue"

Here's the link as well...just in case!: 
"Rough Ridge:  A Place of My Life" by Shaddoe Ross

My Grandpa's Cabin by James Nolan

James Nolan My Grandpa's Cabin Youtube Link:

Teresa's Candy Shop by Tamali San Jose


The Dinner Table By Elana Moore

The Dinner Table
By: Elana Moore
YouTube Link:

A Change For The Better - Bailey Davis's 1st Digital Story Assignment

Mom's Baldwin Piano: Alli Dayhuff's 1st Digital Story Assignment

Alli Dayhuff
Digital Story 1 ENGL 4277 UNCC Song: "Tiny Dancer" - Elton John