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One More Light (Teen Suicide)—Julia Signorelli


U.S. Poverty-Rosa M. Guzman
James Nolan Second Digital Story Brandon's Last Cruise:

Sarah Bizri_Kate's Skating Community

Sarah Bizri
Digital Literacies
Dr. Avila
9 August 2017

Kate's Skating Community

"I Want to Speak to Someone Who Can Speak English" - Kevin Chauncey

Link to Digital Story.
By Kevin Chauncey

Thanks for a short but great semester everyone!
Sharing the Wealth-- Shaddoe Ross

Jaide P - 2nd Digital Story

End Police Violence - Vimeo Link:

Jaide Parson
You can find the digital story here.

2nd Digital Story

2nd Digital Story by Miguel Orihuela

Friends Helping Families- Patrick Sidlovsky

Please click this link to view:
Friends Helping Families

Dustin Chunn - Drunk Driving

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Housing and Homelessness of Transgender Individuals and LGBTQ Youth - Bailey Davis

Electronic Wastelands

Solar Eclipse - by ELANA MOORE

Solar Eclipse - By Elana Moore -
Gabrielle Maynard
Operation Refugee Child Kenneth Faison

In This Day and Aging - Alli Dayhuff - Second Digital Storytelling Assignment